Monday, September 24, 2012

Love At First Sight?

Many many years ago, a girl named A was living a carefree life & was almost going to finish up her hotel attachment course at a business hotel in Singapore. Just when she thought her career was going to start, her mummy decided to give her 2 choices. To continue her studies or start her career?

Of course, A chose to study instead & decided to enrol herself into a university in Melbourne Victoria. The campus that she was allocated to was located at a very ulu-ulu remote countryside,Gippsland Campus. She thought her life will just be surrounded by the cows, sheep, sky & the grassland, yikes! She promised herself she will put her 101% into her studies since she was given a chance to go abroad for studies :P

She decided to go there 1 week earlier before the school term started & joined in the orientation fun. There she was with a bunch of new friends, playing & partying all day long at the university & on-campus hostel. A boy named Y who came one semester earlier than A was one of the orientation helpers, although she hardly saw him help out much during the initial first few days. 

One night, A was feeling so bored & she asked another girlfriend for a session of pool game at the nearby recreational clubhouse. They went there & coincidentally bumped into Y & his friends who just finished their pool game & were about to leave the clubhouse. M (who was the orientation helper) briefly introduced her friends to A & her friend before they left.

From that day onward, she will sort of bumped into Y  wherever she went. One night, A went out together with a group of friends & some orientation helpers to another pub located at another town. She was seated in the same car as Y & his friend casually asked A if she remembered Y's name. A replied to Y's friend that she remembered & Y was delighted that night. After that, Y made a point to attend most of the orientation party so that he could catch a glimpse of A *blushed* . To Y, it was sort of "love at first sight" because A resembled his ex-girlfriend apparently *shake head*. A's impression of Y was good & their relationship blossomed.

After the term was over, Y moved to the city & enrolled into the state university. Although A was kinda sad, she decided to spot check pop by for a visit every weekend by taking a 2 hours train ride from Morwell station to Flinders Street station. No matter what, they never failed to meet up every week & spent their time doing everything together. 

So yah, that was my love story of A & Y. Not very romantic though but it was a good 3 wonderful years spent in Melbourne with my beloved hb. We had our joys & disagreements during our pak toh days & I definitely missed the good old days back then. 

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  1. Awwwww!!!

    Mummy gave you a choice, from where you decided to chart your own life's course!

  2. So sweet! It's ok, I have a boring story too! lol

  3. awww! another Melbourne love story! Nice!

  4. So sweet. Hb and I met in Melbourne too.. Melbourne is really a special place for us too.

  5. Aww..nice to hear another made-in-Melbourne love story! I like all the "coincidental bumps" (wink) and how you travelled all the way just to "pop by" and spend the weekends together. Now to me, that speaks a whole lotta love. Bless you guys with many more even sweeter years ahead! :)

  6. lovely 2hrs train rides, you must be all smiley throughout the rides, A :)

  7. Love must definitely be the air in Melbourne, and in this case moo moo land :P Your love story with Y is so so sweet, even at that point in Monash days, I could really guess that u are a couple that will eventually get married.

  8. woahhhh so romantic! you must be dying to go back there to revisit those pak tor places! :)