Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Q&A Session With The Kids: Baby comes out from which hole?

My kids asked me a very funny question about giving birth while I was driving them that morning:

YS: Mummy, luckily I'm not a woman. I'm so scared of operation & all the blood..so gross!

Me: Mummy gave birth through cesarean so must have operation. It won't be gross coz mummy was sleeping throughout the op.

YS: What if you lose too much blood? Will you die?

Me: They will just do a blood transfusion on you.

YS: hey..ah mei (calling his sister), next time don't go for cesarean like mummy ok..gross! Go for natural birth.

YQ: *kept quiet* Hey mummy, how does the baby comes out from your body?

Me: I have a "zip" below my tummy area so doctor just "unzip" my pouch & took out the baby.

YQ: Then how does the baby comes out naturally?

YS: Baby comes out from the da bian poo poo hole.

YQ: eeek.....

Me: No lah, baby comes out from the vagina hole.

YS: Har? What is that?

Me: Woman has 3 holes, one that you can pee, one you can give birth and one for poo-poo.

YS & YQ: Eee....so disgusting.

Yah...kids & their thoughts nowadays are so unpredictable. They will understand one day.


  1. LOL kids!!! They and their imaginations! Mine yet to ask us on this topic, but I think getting an information book will do us good and we can read with them. ;)

  2. Kids are so funny sometimes. I just love how innocent they are. :)

  3. Way to go, mama! Tell them as it is and let them go figure when they r older how this all happens! :)

  4. Elizabeth - yah..nowadays kids matured faster than we expected, I'm pretty sure they will know the answer very soon.

  5. This conversation with your kids really cracked me up. Loving how you stayed so cool and normal despite all their drama comments!

  6. Serenely - I'm used to their "funny" & "shocking" questions already :)