Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Of Mooncakes & Lanterns

Kiddos were having fun at the mooncake & lantern making workshop at Century Square last weekend, moreover its FREE!
*Not a very wordless post this week*

We washed our hands before the class

We put on our gloves for hygiene purpose

 We listened to the trainer's instruction

 We rolled & pressed the skin until slightly flat

 We put the fillings onto the skin

We rolled it into a ball

 We put the ball into the mould and pressed

Each of them was given a piece of recipe to bring home. The whole workshop only lasted for an hour as the skin & the filling were prepared by the trainer beforehand so all they did was put the filling with the skin & placed it into the mould, so kinda of cheated a bit lah!

 The shape of the lanterns were pre-prepared by the trainer

 We put glue onto the metal wire & sticked the coloured paper onto it

We folded in the edges

 We decorated our lanterns with our imaginations

Kiddos took about 1.5hrs to finish it (with some help from me).

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  1. looks all so well done! a nice way to get into the spirit for Mid-Autumn Festival :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka
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  2. Oh I always wondered how moon cakes got those shapes. Great photos

  3. Those lanterns look really good, and the moon cakes! So cool and for free! :)

  4. Tamara - Thanks

    Alicia - yah..I made some purchase at the shopping centre & entitled me to sign them up for free workshops :)