Monday, October 29, 2012

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town (Part 1)

As the Legoland craze is still going on with the public, we decided to check out the Sanrio Hello Kitty Town during the long weekend break as it was officially opened on 26th October 2012. Our initial plan was just to drive to the Puteri Harbour to take a look at the 4 storeys high building but in the end....I couldn't resist myself from going in plus the kiddos were so excited (I had to admit I was the one getting excited but I could not show it in front of them *laughed*, I'm a Sanrio fan leh!). 

A big sign directing you to the entrance, who can resist the kitty? Definitely not me..haha

From the "we just go in to take a look" to "okay! we should really go in to take a look", you could imagine my kiddos' reaction (from a sulky face to a happy face) when they heard that I was going to buy the tickets to go in :P. They kept saying "Thank You Mummy!" numerous times & was jumping for joy when we were walking towards the escalator.

The Hello Kitty activity card to keep you occupied by taking part in their activities.

There were 2 theme parks (Hello Kitty Town & Little Big Club). Sales of the ticket for non-Malaysian cost RM65 for one theme park or RM110 for two theme parks. Malaysian who showed their IC will be able to buy discounted price at RM50 for one theme park or RM85 for two theme parks. Of course, I asked my mum to use her IC for proof verification & purchased the tickets at discounted rates. If you are able to find a local to help you buy the tickets, that would be a great idea too :)

On the 1st storey, there was the merchandise shop and a small cafe for you to sit down & grab a bite.

 Any Thomas The Train, Angeline The Ballerina, Bob The Builder, Pingu & Barney fans here?

 Sanrio stickers...my favourite!!! But I managed to refrain myself from buying anything here :)

Kiddos posed inside the merchandise shop & they made me buy stuffs for them *shake head*

Next we proceeded to the 2nd storey, you could see a gigantic pink heart shaped entrance. This level was solely for Sanrio lovers :) We only had 3 hours to play as we reached there late afternoon so timing was quite tight for us. YQ was quite upset that she was unable to try out all the activities due to the long queue & time constraint, I have to explained to her that her brothers were waiting for their turn to go to level 3 & 4. 

We managed to queue up in time for the Nail Salon activity but it was almost near closing time & the nail artist had left (why nail artist left so early? I had no idea). Only the staff working there were there to help out so in the end I decided to become her "nail artist", I put on the nail polish & the Hello Kitty's stickers for her. I was a little bit annoyed at the end because the staffs were asking all of us to hurry up as they were closing :(

 The map of 2nd storey

 Tea-Cup Ride

 Inside the Hello Kitty's house...

 Living & dining room...

 Kitchen & bathroom

 Bedroom & dressing room

 The statues of Hello Kitty

 The stage

 Badtz Maru & My Melody

 Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel

 Live entertainment on the stage :)

 Wishful Studio (you can take part in these activities: Nail Salon, Jewellery Making, Doll Factory, Cookie Stodio, Costume Dress Up & Photo Studio)

 The doll factory is payable at RM75 per set

 Inside the nail salon..

 YQ was drying her fingernails

 She simply loved it & she chose purple colour nail polish

I was her "nail artist" for that day :)

Okay, that's all for part 1. Part 2 will be talking about the activities on 3rd & 4th storeys.


  1. So cool all the HK decorations. I'm sure my gal will like visiting this place.

  2. I wanna go to Hello Kitty land too! And I bet I will be more excited than my daughter too. Haha.

    1. Go..go...go, its so nice to feel like a small girl again :)

  3. Thank you for sharing! Her nails are so pretty! :) Looks very much like Tokyo Puroland.. looking forward to a visit here too!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. I'm sure your daughter will be so happy to be surrounded by all the HK stuff :)

  4. Aww...so cute!! Can sense the happiness in your kiddos when you go buy the tickets..haha. A haven for all the HK fans.

    1. You can sense it from my post right? I was so excited to see kitty ..haha

  5. Looks fun! But if I go, I think I won't go with the hubby.. Too pink for him haha

    1. Ask him to endure one day for your daughter sake :P

  6. Wow wow! Makes me all excited about this place! My husband just rolled his eyes at me when I showed him this :(

    1. Wahaha...I can imagine the look on his face :P