Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town (Part 2)

Okay...I have to admit I'm not a fan of these characters but my boys are :)

The 3rd & 4th storeys will be suitable for the Thomas the Train, Pingu, Angeline the Ballerina, Bob the Builder & Barney fans. Boys & girls will love to indulge themselves in all the kiddy rides (located at Level 4) but not exciting enough for the adults though. There were indoor playgrounds located on each level (from Level 2 to 4) you can imagine the amount of time needed to stay put in the building :) 


 Inside Pingu area are filled with arcade game machines

 Open mini playground for small kids

 Wanna dressed like a ballerina & posed with Angelina?

 You could catch their Barney show at 4.30pm sharp and sang & sway together with the Barney's songs.

You could take as many rides as possible until you are bored with it :P

 Thomas the Train ride - Knapford Station
Tutu train going round & round...

 Bertie The Bus
The bus going in circular motion...up & down...

 Bumping Buffers
Bumper cars...bumping each other

Going round & round...

 Haha...I went on the kiddy rides with them too :P

 Colin's Crane Drop
This was their favourite ride and they tried twice in a row

 Pulled you up high & dropped you down...

 Harold's Heli Tours

 Need I say more? Helicopter rides 
Fly up high into the sky...

YS posed with Thomas the Train before we left.

Overall the kiddos had fun & they wanted to come back again because we were only there for 3 hours & time was not enough for them to enjoy thoroughly. If you want to enjoy all the activities, its better to be there earlier.

Click here, if you missed out on Part 1

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (10am - 6pm)
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  1. OMG! Look like fun! One day we will go lol

  2. The kids are having so much fun. Thanks for sharing, we will be making a trip there too :)