Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sliding Fun...

Whenever hb goes on an overseas business / training trip, the kiddos will request for T3 slide. I tried it once for experience sake & it was really fun :P

Since we will usually dine there after sending hb off or before fetching him from the Arrival hall, I will exchange the receipts for free slide tickets ($10 = 1 ticket). They will get to play a few rides this time round and the balance will be reserve for future usage. 

Why do they enjoy it? They love it because of the speed and the excitement while sliding down. They are so pro at it that they even came to whisper into my ear which they are able to fully utilised those tickets without wasting it.

YS: Mummy, did you know we can use 1 ticket for 2 person at the same time?

Me: Har? Are you sure?

YS & YQ: Yah lah, we can slide down together and just use 1 ticket only. Like that we can slide down more number of times.

Me: Wah...very smart hor *smiled*

So duan duan dan puan puan, next time if you want to let your kids have more chances to play, share the ticket by sliding down together :)


  1. My kids love the slide too but we normally let them try the lower one as it's free.

  2. How clever to share the tickets.

    1. They are quite smart too, surprised me..haha

  3. never tried this before but I think Lil Pumpkin will like sliding down with her dad! even I will like it I think haha..

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka