Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Teacher! I Swear I Did This Myself

I saw this funny remark written by YS's English teacher the other day
"Did your mummy do this?"
I found it strange & asked my son what was this all about.

Me: YS, why did your teacher write this?
YS: Aiyah, teacher saw the handwriting so neat so he thought you did my homework for me
Me: Oh..is it? *__*

P/s: By the way, if Teacher K happens to read my blog hor, please do note that I do not have the habit to do homework for YS & this is definately his handwriting. I'm sure a child who likes to submit a neat homework is a good thing.

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  1. he certainly does have very good handwriting and is something to commend for sure!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka
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  2. What beautiful handwriting!! When I was his age, one homework we had was to draw or school badge. My mother drew it for me and it was obvious it wasn't the work of a kid. But the teacher didn't ask haha

  3. How can the teacher write that?!!!!!!

    Does wonders to the child's self-esteem! DUH! I hope his teacher sees this, maybe then she would reflect on what those words can do to a child who is meticulous and should be extremely proud of himself!

  4. What a nice complement for your son's handwriting!

  5. Oh that is just so sad. How could a teacher write something like that? really demotivating...I think he did it on purpose, as a way of saying "hey mom don't do your kid's homework!". False accusation!

  6. Hmmmm I guess that it must have been an extra specially good effort at handwriting this week.

  7. Yes I agree with Susan, its a compliment! His handwriting is so nice! But I think the teacher does need some tact! :p

  8. Take it as a compliment lah! It's a good thing isn't it? Haha

  9. Haha! You should be so proud of him! =D

  10. Haha you should be so proud of him! :)

  11. I think that's way not nice and wrong for the teacher to write that...
    Instead of complimenting the kid, she puts his efforts down.

    One should learn to compliment sincerely. Teachers can do so much to harm esteem of kids... Poor kid.