Monday, November 12, 2012

Things I Can't Live Without At The Moment

Do you have any things that you can't live without? Of course I'm not talking about food, water & air. I am referring to products that you love to use it for years or even now. I have 9 things I love and I am still using it unless I can find a better replacement. 

1) Mobile Phone 
This is one of my favourite model so far & I'm looking forward to an upgrade version since my mobile plan is due for renewal soon :)
I will feel so disconnected from the world whenever my mobile phone is not by my side. I blog, FB-ing, emailing, watch dramas & take pictures most of the times with it.

2) Nail Polish
I love to paint beautiful colours on my toes, without them my toes will feel so naked. I'm not so particular about which brand though, as long as the colour looks nice on me.

3) Shaver
I need a shaver to shave off those unsightly hairs. Its not that I'm very hairy but at least people won't be able to see a bush of hair when I wear sleeveless top or dress.

4) Tweezers
I started to shape my eyebrows when I was eighteen years old. Since then I have always tried to maintain it myself by trimming my eyebrows once or twice a week. Bushy or untidy eyebrows will let me feel like having a bad brows day.

5) Clarisonic Mia
I have been a devoted user for more than a year & I still think that this is one of my best investment so far. It cleanses my face thoroughly after a long day at work or a day out with kids. I can gladly say that my face has lesser acne breakout than before.

6) Methode Swiss Thermal Oxygen  Overnight Moisture Mask
For aging mummy like myself, we need to maintain ourselves with the very basic moisturiser. I have very sensitive skin so choosing a product to suit my skin also needs trial & error. When I am too busy, I will just apply a thin layer of overnight moisture mask and let it work wonders on my skin while I zzzz.....

7) B.liv by Cellnique - Off With Those Heads
I have a problem with black heads ever since I started to put on make up. Even though I hardly put on nowadays, the black heads still come back to haunt me. Of all the brands I used before, this one is the most effective to soften those black heads & I can squeeze out easily without causing too much pain on myself. 

8) Cosmoprof Foundation Stick
This foundation stick is one of the more lasting ones on my face. For people who had seen me without makeup, my face actually has a small patch of pink birth mark on one side of my face. Throughout my teenage years, I have looked high & low for suitable & lasting foundation stick to cover my flaws and this is the one I have been using until now. It really covers well & people dun realised that I have a birth mark.

9) Estee Lauder Loose Powder
I have been using this brand since the day my mother lent me to use hers when I was still schooling. We were told to put on light make up and it's part of our course to look presentable in the service industry.

If you have any great products which you love and want to share with me about your tips, please leave a comment here :)


  1. I think it's going to be an iPad Mini
    My iPad is too big, my iPhone is too small
    So perhaps my iPad Mini will be "just right"
    (Quote modified from Goldilocks)

  2. Haha, none applies to me except the phone :)

    May i know which apps are u using for blogging on Android? Thanks!

    1. Most of the times I blog from the laptop, but for android phone I will use BlogPost to post if necessary