Wednesday, November 14, 2012

All I Want For Christmas...

YS is a stage whereby his milk teeth is starting to drop out one after another, he dropped 2 tooth within a month. Loving his "boh-geh" look!

Dear Santa,

All I want for christmas is my two one front teeth....

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  1. Oh my 8 yr old lost two of her teeth in two days. One on each side of her two front teeth. Looks funny. They get to a stage where their teeth are bigger then their head or mouth.

  2. Ahhh now you got that Christmas song in my head!! haha

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  3. They always look adorable when dropping tooth, he is no exception :)

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  4. What happened in this blogging world? So far I have read three blogger whose son just lost his milk tooth :)
    Well I hope Santa will grant his wish. Be a good boy okay? XX

  5. Now they have started falling out they will all fall out.

  6. So cute , we only have smashed out teeth here no natural lost ones.