Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ballerinas Dancing In The White Christmas

YQ has started to rehearse 2 months ago & finally she gets to perform on stage last weekend. Whether she will be a certified ballerina in the future is up to her, as long as her passion for ballet still persist.

Posed for me to take a picture before setting off to the auditorium.

Their dance item was called "snow fairies"...(which was why all of them were dressed in white)

Although the ballet moves were not perfect but all the ballerinas looked so happy to see their parents who came to support them :)

During the finale, all the students came on stage but we did not see YQ. For a moment, we thought she was lost in the crowd. Only when we saw her walked to the stage with a bouquet of flowers for her teacher, we felt relieved again. 

YQ standing next to her teacher..

Final pose with her pretty teacher :)

Hb & I thoroughly enjoyed the performance put up by the students. I could basically hear hb kept saying "so cute!" to me every time those little ballerinas came on stage to perform. He was hinting to me probably we should try to have another daughter *__*
Obviously my answer was "uh-huh, no way!"...haha...

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  1. awww so cute indeed! :) congrats on her stage performance!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka
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  2. She;s gorgeous! My little Miss went onto her pointe ballet shoes this year, and I was just as teary watching her on pointe for the first time as I was at her first little ballet performance. Thanks for sharing xx

  3. Just gorgeous! She looks happy and so pretty!

  4. what beautiful photos and a gorgeous little lady. My kids dance, it's quite special seeing them up on stage. visiting via ww. love you to stop by and say hello.

  5. So cute! I love the Snow Fairies theme. If your daughter does too, have you seen the latest Tinkerbell movie, Secret of the Wings? My Miss5 absolutely adored it. Lots of snow :) And haha indeed, to the last paragraph :D

  6. She looks really lovely as a ballerina. I'm sure that you are one proud mama . Great performance.

  7. oh she looks gorgeous. I bet hb was probably full of pride.

  8. She is delightful. What a lovely little ballerina. Rachel x