Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Phuket Trip {5th-8th Dec} Part 2 of 2

DAY 3 ~ Finally its the sun, sand & the sea part :)
Bringing 3 children along the trip can be quite a handful so we decided to join the half day island tour in order not to drain away all our energy. Instead of going to the popular Phi Phi Island, we decided to explore Khai Island. We paid 850 Baht each for adult & 750 Baht each for children 3 years & above, which we found quite reasonable (inclusive of land transport, speed boat, light lunch, drinks & fruits). We needed to pay 100 Baht for each pair of flippers we loaned. Of course, the tour guide loaned life vests & goggles to us for free (we still have to bear the cost if we lost it).

1st Stop : Khai Nai
Look how pro YQ looked with her life vest, flippers & goggles on :)

View from the beach
We only stayed on this island for an hour.
Get up close with the fishes in the shallow part of the sea...

2nd Stop : Khai Nui
This is the part where we will either stay seated in the speedboat & admired the scenery...

or jumped into the sea to have some serious snorkelling fun :)
Oh well...obviously only hb & YS dared to jump into the deep blue sea. I chickened out & took my own sweet time to take pictures.
3rd Stop : Khai Nok
We stayed on the island for an hour, you could see some fishes & the sea water was quite clear

YS tried to catch some fishes but it was mission impossible

They were resting under a nice cool shelter, each umbrella + 2 deck chairs cost us 150 Baht. There were other vendors selling ice-creams & other cool drinks to make money from tourists.

At the end of the day, almost all of us went back sun burnt. They were burnt by the sunlight but I was burnt by the sun block lotion (due to skin allergic reaction).

Ok...basically we were having a relaxing holiday. We did not explore much area this time but it was a good break for adults. One thing for sure, Junior YS is now very good at saying "Sawadee kap...cup cup cup!" haha!


  1. So cool.. going to Phi Phi island for swimming. We may go there next time when the kids are slightly older.

  2. Wah, need to pay for deck chairs & umbrella?? Haha... Interesting!

    1. Oh...they want to make money for every opportunity they can :)