Monday, January 28, 2013

A Short Story by YS : The Talking Table and The Flying Girl

I haven't been blogging much about YS for quite a while *guilty*, probably I felt as he grows older I should give him more privacy & probably I do not wish to stress him too much coz now he knows her mummy blogs & she blogs about anything.

Ever since he started P2 this year, we are "trying" to take it slow & easy. I have put him in a good tuition school to brush up on his Maths. Hopefully our investment will not go to waste & he will excel better. He is still in the afternoon session so he still tags along with me to the office early in the morning. When he has finished all his homework, he will start to find things to do whenever he does not want to nap.

Recently, I find that he loves to write letters or short stories by himself. He loves to imagine & pens down his thoughts onto the paper. I hope his passion for writing will continue..

P/S: Hope you all will enjoy his story & please pardon him for all the small spelling, tenses & grammar mistakes :P


  1. What a cute story. He is really creative.

  2. Nice story! Why is Kendrick the only "normal" one in the story? Haha