Friday, January 25, 2013

Slimming Journey #3 - Water = H2O

I hate to drink water. Yup, I always struggle to drink as much as possible ever since young. Basically, I love any sweetened drinks, fizzy drinks or drinks with alcohol content but not PLAIN water. Tasteless, yucky & still yucky to me till now :P

Ever since I started my slimming programme, my therapist pointed out to me that I have serious water retention problem. By drinking at least 8 cups of water a day helps to flush out the toxic from my body & enable to improve my water retention problem. Of course she advised me reduce the liquid intake after 8pm every night.

Oh well...I purposely went to buy a cute Hello Kitty water bottle (yah! its me trying to act cute) & trying to motivate myself to drink up to the minimum requirement. It takes time for me to get used with these tasteless water & to be honest I'm still struggling to get by one bottle a day.

But one little improvement for myself is that I have cut down on sweetened drinks every week. In the past, I used to buy at least a cup of iced lemon & lime drink to go with my lunch on weekdays. Now I will try to refrain myself from doing that & its been 3 weeks since the last time I bought those drinks from that drink stall :)

Of course if you do not have any gastric problem, its always good to mix lemon (green or yellow) with plain water & gulp it all up before meal time before meal time. I tried this method before when I was young & really quite effective but I'm too lazy to do that now. Probably I should start this habit back again? If you want to find out more, can check out what Mum's the Word website.

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  1. I too am trying to drink less sweet drinks as I know they are mostly empty calories.