Thursday, January 31, 2013

DIY CNY Craft: Red Packets Lantern Ball

Chinese New Year is coming, festive mood is getting stronger too so I guess its time to do a little bit of craft work to bring in all the dong dong dong qiang mood shall we?
If you have left over red packets, its good to recycle them & beautify your home with it. All you need is just 12 red packets & a stapler..so simple :)

 Make sure the side with design facing you & fold in half.

 Fold in the 4 corners, repeat this for the rest of the 11 pieces.

 Place four ang baos & place together so that the 2 folded corners are joined together.

 Stapler all the corners together to form a bottom layer.

 Now, it will look like this so do one more set to form the top layer.

 Now we have the top & bottom layer ready :)

 Now, we move on to the middle layer. Use a red packet & arrange perpendicular to the top layer.

 Staple the corners to the corners of the bottle layer, do the same for the other 3 pieces.

 After the bottom & middle layers are done, we need to staple the corners of the top layer to the middle layer. 

 Before you staple, make sure the corners are placed together neatly.

Finally...its done within 10 minutes or lesser 

Simple & cheap decorative lantern for your home!


  1. Nice! I did goldfish with red packets last year, going to make them again this year =)

  2. Ohhhh nice! Every year I try, every year I fail!

  3. Nice! I am cracking my head how to keep my boy occupy back in Msia. This is a wonderful craft to do. Thanks for sharing:-)

  4. why dun u try making it without wasting the staple......

  5. Why don't you try not using staple.......