Friday, February 1, 2013

Growing Updates on Junior YS - 30 months? So Fast?

Its been a while (a long while) since I update about Junior YS's progress & I can't believe he is already 30 months old now, time flies huh! He has definitely grown bigger, taller, cheekier, more talkative & his temper is still as bad :(

He is more expressive now & will tell us "yes" , "no", "don't want", "I want" very firmly. At one stage, I was so afraid that he has speech development problem (coz he speaks slower than his older siblings) but I guess my worries are nothing now. He blabbers non-stop & loves to sing his favourite songs all the time.
When I feel so tired from work & all the chores at home, his cheerful smile always brighten up my day. When he is sound asleep on my bed, I feel that it is such a bliss that my little baby is still able to co-sleep with me at night. I know sooner or later, we will need to start training him to sleep in the same room as his siblings. I'm enjoying it while it last!

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