Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pizza Chefs In The Making

My kids love to watch Master Junior Chef on TV. They were hoping there were some sort of cooking training class they could attend locally. When the holiday came, I decided to sign them up for the 2 hours of pizza making class at Modesto @ Vivo. Too bad their little brother could not join in the fun as he was under the minimum age requirement.

A few of the mommy bloggers' children were there too & it was kinda difficult to get all the children to look at me while I was trying to capture their "STAR" moment :)

Standby before the actual pizza making class started...

 One more picture taken before they started to get messy...

 See how concentrated YS was...

 YQ did not have enough strength so chef stepped in to help her.

 This was their favourite part...to put all the ingredients they liked.

 Ingredients included tomato paste, grated cheese, hotdogs, diced tomatoes & hams..
Chef popped the pizza into the oven & viola...

The creation was done & I could not deny it was yummy :)

Overall, thumbs up for the service at Modesto. I had a great time catching up with some mummies. Thank you PC for your yummy chocolate cupcakes & Adeline for your sticky chewy chocolate :)

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  1. So cool to see your kids enjoy the pizza making session. My kids love pizza baking too. :)

  2. hi hi, would you mind sharing the pizza-making rates, and is this only available during school holidays? thank you, Andy (SengkangBabies)

    1. Hi Andy, the charges is $25 per pax & it is only available during the school holidays :)