Thursday, January 10, 2013

Teaching Is Not My Cup Of Tea

YS: Mummy, can I just learn 10 words for spelling? I can't remember too many words at one go...
Me: Okay! 10 words but nothing lesser than that.
YS: Mummy, later can you say out this word first? I'm scared I can't remember how to write it.
Me: Okay! (getting slightly impatient)
YS: Mummy, can you just test me 5 words first? 
Me: You think your school teacher will be so nice to you and test you like this?...blah blah blah....*started my nagging.....*

This was just one of the scenarios I faced with YS....

Teaching is a noble job. Don't get me wrong! I love my teachers & I'm grateful to them till this day. I admired their patience & caring nature which prompted me why they were willing to sacrifice so much time & effort on all their students.

I used to give tuition for a short period of time during my schooling years (to earn extra money). I'm still amazed by my patience & ability to be able to teach 3 young children together & survived 180 minutes each week. Is it me or just the older generation who still think that children are so much easier to handle in the past? 

As a mother of 2 preschoolers & 1 primary school kid, I find myself getting more impatient, moody & frustrated easily when situations start to get chaotic. Occasionally I find myself acting like a "siao-char-bo" (mad woman) screaming at the kids which I deeply regretted after that. I love my children & secretly wish there is some secret formula for me to take so that I can always be the gentle mummy in their eyes.

Till this day, my mum is still amazed how I managed to handle & taught 3 children in the past. But now I can't even handle my own kids with the same tolerance I had for other children. Yup...sad but true! Which is why sooner or later I have to engage professional help to tutor them when my level of tolerance start to drop really LOW...

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  1. Lovely blog!
    as a parent and a teacher myself I must confess I'm struglling sometimes, too...the secret is to keep calm, take a step back, breathe in, breathe out, count to 10 and put yourself in their shoes...it works for me most of the time :)