Monday, January 21, 2013

Rent or Rant?

As the new cooling measures on the Singapore's property market are out, I'm so glad that we have made our purchase on the new house last year & hope that the developer will expedite on the progress so that we are able to move into the new place as soon as possible.

Having said that, probably based on my personal experience I might be able to give you some tips on what to look out for when you are looking for a rented place to stay:-

#1 - Location
Try to look for a house which is located near facilities such as wet market, supermarket, hawker centre or coffeeshop. At least when you're hungry, there is one accessible for you to go and do your marketing. 

#2 - Rental
Make sure you bargain for the best pricing before you agree to move in. If possible, stay in a house big enough to accommodate everyone. Otherwise you will regret after moving in & have to fork out large amount of money each month to sustain the rental fee. 

#3 - Condition of the rented house
Make sure the landlord clean the house thoroughly before passing you the keys. Otherwise you might have to spend a sum of money to engage for professional's help to clean up the mess before moving in.

#4 - Beware of mosquitoes & bugs infested area
Looking for a temporary place to stay is one thing but having to look for a place to stay comfortably is another problem we faced at home. Try to look for higher floor apartment if possible, otherwise all the insects & mosquitoes will come flying into your house & start to attack you. The amount you will have to spend on medical & bugs repellent sprays can be quite high!

#5 - Don't be SHY!
Never be shy. It's a "dogs eat dogs" world. If you never ask or request, you will always be at the losing end & can only suffer in silence! If the situation really don't favour you, look for other alternative plan.

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  1. Great tips for those interested in renting. Looking forward to seeing you moving into your new place.