Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Learning Tips By Junior YS - How to wear a T-Shirt?

Hi everyone,

I'm Junior YS, by now all the aunties "jie-jie" & uncles "kor-kor" should know me since my mummy has been blogging about me sometimes :)

I'm turning 3 this year & my mummy thinks that I should start learning how to do certain tasks independently so that she can eat snake relax a bit at home. This time I'm learning how to wear my own t-shirt. Yup! That's right,  wearing a t-shirt might not be a big feat for you but it's a BIG deal *chuckled* to me & its definitely more fun than watching cartoon at times. 

So all the di-di & mei-mei out there, come & follow me while I embark on my journey to independence, woo!hoo!

xoxo, Junior YS

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