Monday, January 14, 2013

What's In My Diaper Bag?

My diaper bag has evolved from mega big to compact size over the years. Based on personal experience, I only bring these items which I feel that I will really need them all the time. My hb hardly offers his help with the bag so I will usually carry one with a design that suit me best. Currently, I prefer to use a sling bag. I try not to use bigger bag otherwise I will have the tendency to stuff more things into it.

I'm quite particular when it comes to packing the wet & dry items together. I will carry 2 small bags when we have to travel out of the house for more than 3-5 hours. One is the normal diaper bag & the other is the milk bag.

For the normal diaper bag: 
I will prepare an extra set of clothing (for the youngest) since he will dirty himself easily as compared to his older siblings. Wet wipes, tissues, 3-4 pieces of disposable diapers, the necessary lotions & sprays for emergency use.
For the milk bag:
I will pack a small flask of hot water, a bottle of normal temperature water, a water bottle, a milk bottle & a few sachets milk powder.  
Yup...those are the basic stuff I will definitely pack when we go out. Occasionally I will pack some light entertainment (if necessary) too :)

What about you? 
What do you pack in your diaper bag?


  1. I always enjoy reading this “what’s in your bag” posts. It’s always an interesting window into someone’s life and to get a glimpse into their personality. I did a post like this sometime back but maybe it’s time to revisit it again and see how much has changed. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You seems to have everything but your diaper bag seems so small! How do you squeeze everything inside?

    BTW, I will be doing mine this week. Can I add your link to my post too?

    ~ Jac