Monday, June 17, 2013

Another milestone ~ Ear Piercing

Ear piercing has been on YQ's must do list for the past 1 year. She has been bugging us when we will bring her to pierce her ears followed by emailing her daddy for permission too (Yes! a new skill she learnt this year and she has started emailing to me, daddy, Ah Ma & Grand Auntie every now & then). We promised her that she will get her wish granted on her birthday. 

I wanted her to know that ear piercing was not going to be an impulsive decision & had a prep talk with her a few times to make sure she was serious about it. I had mine done when I was in kindy too so I guessed YQ wanted to be the same like me and get hers done before she starts Primary school next year.

It was supposed to be a family outing last weekend but in the end YQ got her wish granted while we were at Vivocity. Despite my concerned to bring her to a place that specialised ear piercing, hb reassured me that she could get it done at any jewelry shop.

A few selection of earrings for 1st time piercing.
Say bye-bye to bare looking ears...
The staff did the measurement and drew the marking on her ear loop
She chosen this pair of flowery earrings. No pain no gain and YQ did not shed a tear at all :)
Happy girl who got her birthday wish granted!
Personally, I was waiting for this moment for quite some time. It might seemed like a normal thing to some parents but for me it was a milestone / ritual to signify that my princess was not going to be a little girl for long anymore. 


  1. Wow! This is a big step for every parent. I don't have a daughter so I dont have to go through this anxiety :D I remembered my mother bringing my sister's 4 months old dotter to pierce her ears!! If I have a dotter, I wont dare to let her have her ears pierce until she's married! LoL! Though I had mine at a very young age lah!!

    1. @Merryn, that is why my dotter still not yet pierce her ears at age 11. Because the mummy too scaredy cat. :P

  2. brave girl! i'm contemplating letting Nakayla have her ears pierced while she's young too, but not sure if we should get it done by her first birthday, or just anytime before 12 (i got mine pierced as 12). the younger, the better, in my opinion, cos they heal much faster.

    my elder sis pierced it only when she was about to get married and had a series of horrible infections! and it scared me silly!

  3. Very cute, and what a tough young lady!