Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fabulous 6 - A Letter For YQ

Dearest daughter,

Time flies, you're turning 6 today and soon you will be promoted to Primary One next year. You have grown into a fine young girl and somehow matured faster than your siblings. Sometimes I wish time could slow down a bit and allow me to spend a bit more time with you. I might have overlook your feeling at times but I'm trying my best to make it up to you. 

You are the one that gave me the least worry, always fascinate me with your memory and your desire to learn new things. I love meeting up with your teachers because all I ever hear is praises from them about you. Whenever I need a helping hand at home, you are always the first one to volunteer and you hardly reject my request. I'm surprised at your age, you share the same music genre as mummy. I love those moments when we will blast the music out loud and sing together in the car. I'm happy that you have started to email me & I hope you will share all your little secrets with me so that we will have more communication other than face to face interaction.

I know you care a lot about your brothers and tends to nag at them. They might not appreciate it now but I'm sure one day they will look back and thank you for keeping a look out for them. You are always the sweetest girl in my heart. I hope you will stay happy and healthy always!

Happy 6th birthday! Have a fabulous one...


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