Thursday, June 20, 2013

Birthday Celebration for YQ

Here's some snapshots of YQ birthday celebration in the school. My little girl was very pampered by us this year especially since she had her wish granted & we bought her a pair of diamond earrings to keep first until she can take off her current pair when her ear holes are stable. 

Furthermore, her big brother bought her the 1st birthday present using his own pocket money. According to him, he chose the better quality pen for her & in her favourite colour too :)

She requested for a 3D mermaid cake to celebrate with her friends in the school. I spent a little bit of time to do all her goodie bags & definitely still room for improvement.

Lastly, thank you all for the lovely gifts!

1st present from big brother
A girl's best friend = diamonds
DIY the goodie bags
Say cheese everyone!
3D Mermaid Cake from E-Creative
Time to give out goodie bags...
Group pics with classmates & cousins

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