Thursday, June 20, 2013

Haiz Mr Haze!

Luckily I standby a pack of kiddie sized disposable masks months ago at home. Being the kiasu mother, I armed my kiddos with masks & told them not to take it off when we are out & about. The condition of the haze seems to be quite unstable & can't help worrying especially when my hb & one of my children has very sensitive airway.

The PSI reading I gathered from NEA website, the Facebook updates & my mobile updates are going up & down just like stock market. Everywhere we went looked like Genting Highland minus away the natural cool air. The smell is quite horrible too!

There's nothing much we can do except to pray for rain to come soon. Remember to drink more water & try to hide in enclosed air-conditioned area. Children who are unable to play outdoors, probably this is the best time to go to a library & start to cultivate the habit of reading. 

As I am finishing this post, the PSI level updated on my mobile is 371 *haiz*!

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