Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Forgetful Tooth Fairy

YQ finally dropped her 1st baby tooth in early June. She told me excitedly when I was fetching her from the school one day.

YQ: Mummy! I was eating in the school & suddenly felt something hard was in my mouth.
Me: So...did you swallow it?
YQ: Nope, I took out the thing & it was one of my tooth.
Me: Wow...did you feel any pain?
YQ: No pain at all. My teacher told me that the tooth fairy will come and give me some money tonight.
Me: Yup, she sure will.

That very night, the tooth fairy totally forgotten about it & went MIA *yikes*

YQ: Mummy, how come the tooth fairy didn't come and give me money? My tooth is still under my pillow *sulked*
Me: Eh..I think the tooth fairy might be too busy & forgotten about it. *felt guilty for overslept last night*
YQ: So...she won't come anymore?
Me: Don't worry, she will come for sure

So while YQ was busy in the living room doing her own usual stuff, I quickly took out a $2 note from my purse & placed it under her pillow. Quickly took away her baby tooth & kept it in a safe place.

YQ: Mummy..mummy! See the tooth fairy really came *smiled*
Me: Yah! I told you so, probably too many children dropped their teeth recently & it might have just slipped her mind.
YS: Mei Mei...I tell you, there is no tooth fairy in this world!
YQ: No! There is tooth fairy....
The debate started between both of them & I just left them in their room while I went off to relax at one corner.

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