Monday, July 1, 2013

The Next Dream Destination

This year is extremely boring, we haven't plan for any holiday yet. Its too taxing to travel for the whole family (don't forget we have 3 adults + 3 children). The children are complaining, the adults are feeling vexed & we are trying to save some money for our upcoming renovation for the new house. Not to mention that the monthly rental is also taking a toll on our savings, probably we should all just move back to JB & stay in the first place? (Sorry for all my ranting!)

Okay, back to the topic of travelling, we have 3 destinations we love to visit in future.

Obviously, hb prefers the rest & relax type of holiday. He wanted to go to Mauritius coz he loves secluded islands. No shopping, no walking & no crowded places. He loves the beach style kind of holiday with a little bit of sun-tanning, massaging, basically lie down there & do nothing.
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The children prefers another type of holiday, a holiday filled with Disney characters & play till there's no tomorrow. In fact, they have been bugging us to bring them to HongKong Disneyland. They even claimed that best is to go during winter so that the weather will be cool & nice. (Sorry kids! I think we need to put the plan on hold first unless someone is nice enough to sponsor the whole family to go there)

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Okay, my dream destination is none other than Venice. I never have the chance to go there for honeymoon due to financial constraint but it will be a goal for me to do it before I die. Even if one day, I'm old & haggard, I will want to fly there & sit on the gondola while enjoying the sunset. It will be sooooo...romantic. What do you reckon?

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Let's hope & pray that we will be able to fulfill everyone's wish no matter how long it takes.
How about you? Where is your dream destination?

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  1. Lovely places which you have chosen. I would like to go to Mauritius also but it is very $$ to bring the whole family. The boys too want to go to Disneyland (HK) and I want to go to Japan :)