Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Walk Inside The National Museum Of Singapore

Seriously, Singapore is not a very cheap country to live in especially when I have 3 children who constantly need us to bring them out of the house for a breather during weekends. We need to pay for the petrol, the carpark charges, the food, the entertainment...the list can go on and by the end of the day we are usually $$$ poorer just to satisfy them.

One of the weekends, we decided to make use of the free entrance (for Singaporean & Singapore PR only) and brought them to visit the beautiful National Museum of Singapore. It was a nice day to hide away from the hot weather and immersed ourselves into the histories of Singapore.

Children listened attentively to the history of local hawkers.

In the past, we used charcoals to cook.

Kueh Tutu seller's vehicle

Big camera used in the photo studio

Photo memories

Wedding certificate

The old movie posters

Free black and white movie screening

Chinese opera costume

Stage for puppets show during the olden days

The children borrowed the hearing aid for them to tour around the museum.

Retro televisions
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  1. It looks a very interesting museum. Great shots.

  2. what a great way to escape the heat and to explore...learning and having fun at the same time - ideal :)