Wednesday, September 4, 2013

When A Haircut That Gone All Wrong

It was never my intention to bring him to the wrong barber for a haircut, just so happened that the uncle who usually cut for him was off that day. I should have waited for that uncle and I totally regretted bringing him for a cut that day. I thought he would look nicer and neater since we are going to attend a wedding this weekend. 

Anyway, what's done cannot be undone! All we can do is to wait...yah..wait for the hair to grow long enough and make sure I bring him back to that uncle to save his poor hair.

For your info, he was not that affected by it at all. It was the mummy (yah..me!) and he did not cry because of the disaster haircut. It just so happened that I managed to capture one of his crying moment at home with the BAD HAIRCUT! Oh dear...seemed like I'm really the one who was being emo about his hair.


  1. He looks fine!!! I would not say otherwise! Promise me you won't say another word about his head, he'll get a complex! Kids can get away with ANYTHING :) Em

  2. I'd be the same - did Uncle not ask ?
    He is very cute anyway.

  3. I will me EMO too!!! So you're not alone, wear a suave hat to the wedding.