Friday, August 16, 2013

Apprentice Doctors In Action

It is my dream to see my children to become doctors one day and thanks to Jean, I had the chance to see them donning  in their mini version of scrubs and doctor coats even if it was just for that day.

It was the first time I ever seen a hospital (Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital) that organised such meaningful activities for children (aged 5-12 years old) and allowed them to experience what doctors usually do in the hospital. Of course, the response was overwhelming and I was glad the children were given the opportunity to join in the fun.

Let's welcome Dr YQ & Dr YS :)
1st Stop: Briefing room
The children were briefed on the importance of sanitising their hands and how to put on their hair nets. The hospital staffs tried to warm up the atmosphere by asking the children to introduce themselves and talk about their favourite activities.

Friendly Mr Skeleton saying "hi" to everyone!

2nd Stop: General Practitioner
The children were being introduced to stethoscope and digital thermometer. They were taught how to use the stethoscope to listen to their heart beats as well as using the digital thermometer to measure each other's temperature.
3rd Stop: A&E Room
In this room, the children were taught how to do the bandages and plasters in case of cuts or bleedings. They were introduced to the usage of defibrillator and how it can be used to revive a patient.

4th Stop: Nursing Room
They were taught how to change nappies, fed milk, burped and put all the babies back to sleep with love and tender loving care.

5th Stop: Operating Theatre
The children were introduced to "Mr Smoke-Too-Much" who contracted lung cancer They were taught to inject painkillers and anaesthetic before they started to "operate" on him. They were told to remove the black patches stuck on his lungs too.
6th Stop: Pharmacy
The children passed with "flying colours" and changed into their doctor coats for the graduation photo taking.

See how smart they looked in their doctor coats :)

At the end of the programme, each children received a goodie bag with a certificate and a photo for memory keepsake.
Overall, I was very impressed with the hospital's arrangement. Even though they have to handle so many children and parents in a day, it was not chaotic at all. The relaxed settings of the hospital made me felt like coming to a hotel. It was definitely a wonderful experienced for the children.

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