Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Home: Colours Combination

Latest by May 2014, our new home will be ready. We are feeling excited because finally we are able to go the gym to work out and go to the swimming pool for a dip whenever we want to. We bought a unit with the kitchen, toilets, flooring and built-in wardrobe done up nicely for us (I hope). The new house will be slightly smaller than our previous house so we hope to utilise the space appropriately to store our things.
Layout of our 4 Bedroom - 1227 sqft
We still have not thought of the style we want our home to be but I hope our house will not be clutter with too many furniture. My dream is to have a walk in wardrobe but with so many people living under one roof, I guess that that will not be happening for me. Hb & myself will take the master bedroom, my mum will take one of the bedroom and we are still deciding whether to let our girl to stay in a room by herself or share with her 2 siblings. If all 3 are staying in a room, we will need to transform one room into a study room in the end.

The first thought that come to our mind is colours. We wanted to be more adventurous with colours of our new home and not be too superstitious with what colours is not suitable for us.

I love anything that is black, white, silver or beige, you can sort of know I'm not very adventurous with colours. Hb loves vibrant colours, such as red, orange or green. My daughter loves anything that is pink and purple, very typical girly colour. My elder son loves blue, very typical boyish colour. As for my youngest son, green seems to be his current favourite colour now. Of course, We can't possibly merge too many colours together so we have to find a balance to fit some of our favourite colours together.

According to my research, choosing the right colours will somehow affect our thoughts & moods. According to this article, "Scientific studies have also found that exposure to certain colors can improve sleep habits, increase memory power and even enhance academic performance - excellent benefits for growing minds and bodies." There must be a balance or else too much of a certain colour will have certain side effects. 

Although I may not know how true is that but we are trying our best to look for the a good combination of colours that can benefit all of us. Of course, I do not wish to see my children feeling sleepy during studying hours or feeling hyper during sleeping hours. To make the wall colours more interesting, you can try colourwashing, sponging, limewash effect or rag rolling.
What colours combination do you think is nice?

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  1. How exciting! I've never been involved with building a new home. I used to like really bright colors, and I still do just not on my walls. I prefer neutrals on the walls and color in the photos and accessories. If you don' mind me asking, what is the room with 'HS' in it?