Monday, September 16, 2013

Act 3 Theatrics: Creative Chief Series

YS has completed the 5 days of lessons at Act 3 Theatrics holiday camp. I must say that he really enjoyed the camp because everyday he would tell me how enjoyable the camp was. He was so studious that he even read through what the trainer had taught him at night.

Thanks to Mr R Chandran and Mrs Amy J Cheng, they have inspired my boy to improve in his story writing skill. From the course, he was able to create a more interesting story line by using his senses and also learnt how to project his voice in the public. The trainers also made an effort to feedback to me about YS's progress everyday after each lesson. Now he is more confident to plan and plot his stories all thanks to the patience and guidance from trainers.

On the last day of the camp, all the parents were invited to see their performances and they did a great job! YS was so nervous the night before and he even tried to rehearse those scripts over and over again.

 Voice projection exercise before the performance started.

 Children were getting ready to start reading out from their scripts.

A certificate of completion was awarded to all students who participated in this program.

Lastly, a video clip of Mrs Amy J Cheng who was reading out the story written by YS.
Great Job, my son!

P/S: From my personal observation, YS has somehow found his interest in writing after attending this workshop. He told me that he hopes to go back to the camp again someday and wish he will become a good writer in the future. 

Disclaimer: YS attended 5 days complimentary holiday workshop conducted by Act 3 Theatrics. All opinions are my own.

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