Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Slowing Down & Think...

I am trying to slow down my pace...
Take a moment to rethink my direction in life...
Many times I wonder to myself, am I a good wife, a mother and a daughter?
Maybe and probably not in other's point of view.

Someone feels I should stop blogging too much.
Someone feels I should concentrate on how to be good mother and spend more time with the children.
Someone feels I should spend lesser doing low value added chores at home and leave these to the people who is more suitable to do it.
Someone feels I should focus on my work and produce a better result.

I don't blame anyone if they ever doubt my capabilities or intentions. 
I don't intend to use my time and energy to argue about my rights and wrongs.

Probably I should and I will try to so please pardon me if I have started to blog less often than usual. I really need some time to sit down and think what I should do in my life and focus on the important things instead. When everything is back on track, I will be BACK in full action again.
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  1. If you ask me, it is good to slow down and think:). haha, but you are not;p.

    Sincerely hope you find a conclusive answer at the end of the process;)!

  2. Amie, take time out to recharge. Trust me... it will make a whole world of difference!