Thursday, September 5, 2013

Teacher's Day Presents

I did not do anything special or DIY anything for the children's teachers this year. I basically just printed out some Teacher's Day present tags and pasted them onto the presents that I have bought. The children only DIY their Teacher's Day cards. Maybe next year I should try harder to think of something special to prepare for teachers.

I did not think that I need to wrap up the present until my son reminded me to do so. That was when I started to realise that all my wrapping papers are meant for birthdays. So what did I do? I went to dig out my paper bag collection and managed to find one that is soft and presentable enough to be wrapped as a present.

See! The final result was not so bad afterall :P

Guess what? This blur mummy forgotten to prepare presents for their art, piano and ballet teachers until the children reminded me after they attended those lessons this week *ops*
I guess we just have to prepare for a belated presents for them :)

Thank you for your hard work and patience to nurture our future generation.

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