Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tuition Race

With the recent debates on tuition, I feel that sending our children for tuition is not really such a big deal. As parents, we sent our children for tuition for many reasons and ultimately the main aim to make sure they don't lag behind in their studies and able to catch up on the progress / standards set by those schools. Some children have tuition because they are weak in their studies and some of them just want to achieve better results than what they are getting now.

Since young, I was not exposed to any Chinese education until I was sent to Singapore for studies. Being an average student who had no Chinese education background, I was struggling to learn my mother tongue within a short time frame so that I was able to catch up with the rest of the students in the class. Having at least 3 hours of tuition, five days a week after school was not a big deal for me. Four different home tutors would rotate among the four tables of students every forty-five minutes. 

For sure, I felt hectic on some days but I knew my sacrifices were worth doing it when I saw the results on my report book. Tough childhood I would say but those were the times I felt my time were spent wisely during weekdays and I was allowed to let loose to go out and play during weekends.

Now I have my fair share of struggle whether or not to send my children for tuition. I believe we are unable to avoid such a day to come if there's a need. Every child's learning ability and need is different. We just have to go along with the flow and help them along the way. The stress level of the education now is different from the past and school teachers expect parents to be involved in their own children's academic progress. If we as parents are unable to help them to excel further, we have to outsource for tutors to help them.

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