Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekend Fun : Cycling & Scooting

Exercising is one of the good ways to distress. The children had heaps of fun on a Sunday late afternoon at the void deck. After YQ finished her ballet coaching class, her siblings were waiting for her to return home so that they could cycle and scoot around.

Junior YS was very happy because I got him a new scooter at a good discounted price from the Baby Fair. He loves his new green scooter and he was seen scooting like a pro after a few tries. Now he could scoot left and right with no guidance from me.

YQ's old bicycle broke down last weekend and I decided to bring it to the nearest bike shop for repair. Since the bike owner told me her bike was beyond repair, we decided to buy a new one for her. She chose a very girly & pink bike for herself and she was so happy to get one in her favourite colour. We tried to convince her to remove the 2 smaller wheels but she was still not brave enough to try yet.

YS also brought along his bicycle to get his wheels pumped with air. Hb removed his 2 extra wheels 2 weeks ago and after trying for a few times, he managed to learn how to ride on 2 wheels yesterday *clap-clap*. We were so delighted and beaming with joy when he managed to do that. Its the same kinda feeling when he learnt how to walk when he was very young. Its another milestones achieved!


  1. Bravo to all the wheelers!

    Wait, did i use it correctly?

  2. I remember how fun it was to have everyone in the family be able to go on a bike ride. You must be having so much fun and feel so proud!

  3. That is so awesome!! Congratulations YS!!