Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Stubborn Tooth

3 weeks ago:

My daughter came to me and told me she felt something in her lower gums. A new tooth was growing behind her baby tooth and there was no sign of shakiness from the baby tooth. 

As a concerned mom, I brought her to a dentist for a check up.

The dentist only told me to bring her back 3 weeks later if the baby tooth still stay stagnant, meanwhile we had to try to shake her baby tooth everyday to loosen it.

We did as we were told but the stubborn tooth still would not drop by itself.

Yeah...this humorous dentist was trying to pose for me and told me to post it on FB +__+ (which I did not)
Three weeks later:

We were back at the dental clinic. YQ was concerned and asked me if the extraction would be painful or not, I told her not to worry and asked hb to bring her into the room.

20 minutes later, she came out with a gauze in her mouth.
Now, there's a small gap in front of her new tooth and nothing could be done now to straighten the new tooth. 

That very night, YQ asked me for her tooth and quickly put in under her pillow before she slept. She was excited because she believed that tooth fairy will come and give her some money. This time, the "tooth fairy" finished her job properly on that very night and did not disappoint YQ like the previous time.

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  1. Awww, she looks like she was very brave! My Miss 7 had a similar issue with one of her top teeth, except her adult tooth came out the top of her gum. We called it her shark tooth! The baby tooth did eventually fall out on it's own, but she'll be having surgery soon to reposition the rogue adult tooth.

  2. Glad the TF came , ours was 5 days late last week.
    I hope the teeth sort themselves out.