Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Art Progress: So Far So Good...

The older kids have been going for art enrichment classes for quite some time and they enjoy their art lessons so far. Since Junior YS is already 3 years old, we decided to enrol him for art lessons so that he can received proper guidance from the art teacher (just like his siblings). Initially, he was shy but gradually he is enjoying the lesson so much that he will come out from the class looking like a clown (with paints all over his face or shirt) *laughed*. 

I'm relieved so far that all the children are progressing well in their artistic sides and we decided to extend their art lessons to 2 hours each week due to their teachers' requests. I'm usually the excited mommy who can't wait to see my children come out from their classroom with their finished art works.

Junior YS's Christmas art project

Sometimes he will come out from the class with "make up" on his face, clothes and body.

One of YQ's favourite art work drawn by her.

This is one of my favourite pieces done by YS

YS has started to do more detailed sketching in the art class.

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  1. Your kids really love art :) Great drawings

  2. The still life painting of the yellow flowers is amazing! If you frame it up I think most people will be convinced that you bought it from an art gallery!

  3. My goodness you do have some talented children! They are great :)

  4. Awesome artworks, they are quite talented :)