Friday, January 17, 2014

Nihon Mura @ City Square Mall

Conveyor belt sushi (回転寿司, kaiten-zushiis a very popular in Singapore. I like to eat sushi because the service is faster and it's a healthier choice as compared to junk food which I usually buy for convenience sake.

If you are not picky customer like me, you will find that charges at Nikon Mura is reasonably priced. Usually I will have to pay more than $2.50 for a plate of sushi or sashimi elsewhere but I only need to pay $1.50 each for any colour plate. Although the restaurant's set up and facilities might not look that new but who cares when you can spend so little money to fill up your tummy right?

I will definitely come back for more sushi and sashimi *yums*

Nihon Mura
Sushi Bento
City Square Mall #05-04
Tel: 6509 1145

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  1. That's a very reasonable price! How was the quality?

    1. Hi mamamilo,
      For that kind of price, I think the quality is fine for me :)