Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Birthday Celebration For Mother-In-Law

We celebrated mil's birthday a few days earlier and decided to hold her birthday celebration at Real Food Grocer. The food we ordered was yummy and pricing was reasonable too. Too bad, I did not take any pictures on those food we ate but will try to go back there again some other day :)

Handmade cards for mil, done by YS & YQ

I loved how their cafe has a section for reading enthusiasts and you can read while dining over there. You can even purchase their CDs or books if you want to. There is also another section where they sell all their organic vegetables and products.

Happy Birthday to Mother! May you be blessed with good health & happiness!

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  1. Awesome family celebration :). Nai Nai's a gorgeous lady, happy birthday to her :)

  2. Aww bless it looks as though everyone was so well behaved for the camera

  3. What a great cafe.
    Homemade cards are the best kind.

  4. Happy birthday to your MIL :) the handmade cards are so special and lovely!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka