Monday, March 24, 2014

Children's 1st Music Recital

It was quite a meaningful weekend for me as I had attended my children's first ever music recital. Yah! This mummy was their only No.1 fan on that day *laughed*. Anyway, it was a good experience for them as they had practised hard before the event. Good job! Both of you had made mummy & daddy very proud. Looking forward to more music recital performance for the coming years!

Their teacher designed a very nice poster for the music recital event, can you spot where they were?

Taking a picture of YS before the recital started, he told me he was a bit nervous being the first timer MC on the stage.

YS looked so immersed in the music...

When it was her time to perform...

Posed with their music teacher during the certificate award presentation.

Everything was finished in 2 hours and everyone had so much fun interacting and listening to each other's music pieces.

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