Wednesday, March 26, 2014

When There's Nothing To Do...Just Draw!

Drawing has never been my forte but I do love to do random designing (excluding drawing) during my schooling days. I seldom draws but I do like to admire the art pieces done by my children. Hb can draw very well and I still keep the portrait drawing he drew for me when we were dating. 

When I was shopping at Daiso, I managed to grab a few small canvas and thought it will be a great idea to let the children draw something on it (since each cost $2 only). Who knows? Maybe we can start hanging our great masterpiece at our new place.

I was feeling bored one day and decided to try drawing on one of the canvases. I started to google for ideas and saw this very cool example of family tree drawing. I decided to do a little bit of editing on picture.

My virgin attempt to draw on the small canvas

YQ attempted to do her own drawing too.

You can imagine I was so shy to admit its my work initially when hb saw it on the table.
Luckily he loved my work and gave me the confidence to do more random drawings next time.

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  1. it's a lovely first piece.. I don't draw very well too but I like it because it helps calm me down and concentrate on something :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka
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  2. The initial thought is awesome! Dont stop, keep it up;)!

  3. Aw I think it's gorgeous!! You can draw a lot better than you give yourself credit for xx

  4. It's fabulous. I love it when creativity takes me in and something cool comes from it xx Those cheap canvases are great, I decorated one for our house too :)

    1. yeah...its so fun and it doesn't cost that much to do something cool and nice to decorate the house