Monday, June 9, 2014

Celebrating 37 Years Of My Life

37 of my life has just flashed by just like that and I've learnt to embrace these numbers reluctantly. There are so many things going on this month and I am trying to organise our house moving as smoothly as possible. I practically almost forgotten about my birthday until the children reminded me days before that. Obviously, I know I could not escape the fate of blowing the candles with them since they must be expecting to eat nice yummy cake on my special day.

Okay, this wasn't a surprise cake since hb since was basically asking me very upfront about which cake I like. I was giving him a very vague answer and he assumed that I love mango cake, lols! Anyway, thanks to my hb for taking the time and effort for getting this yummy cake for me and everyone loved it :)

We went to a nearby Italian restaurant for dinner, the food was not that fantastic but it was the company that matters. See how cheeky Junior YS was, he had found a special method to eat his pizza (by dipping the pizza into his cup of water *faint*).

The children whatsapp me "birthday card" using my mom's mobile phone.



  1. Happy Birthday, Amie;)! The cake looks scrumptious! Hope your new home brings you joy and comfort tremendously=)!

  2. Thanks PC....really hope to find time to have coffee with you :)