Sunday, June 8, 2014

FTWM: Stay Sane From Insanity

To be honest, being a FTWM (Full-time working mother) can be quite tiring on most days. I came across some people who will think that I'm a "super woman" (without the cape of course). In reality, I felt like I'm rushing everyday. Rushing to send the kids to & fro from their schools, rushing to go to work, rushing to send the kids to their enrichment classes and etc. Yes...now you can see I'm complaining but that is just to show that I'm after all a human with emotion. Looking on the bright side, I still treasure the time I am spending with them now because I know when they start to grow up (they grow up pretty fast) I might not be able to do that for them anymore. Enough of my ramblings, here are some insights on how I survive being a FTWM:

F = Fast
Over the years, I have to learn how to be fast in whatever I do. Eat fast, bath fast, dress up fast, walk fast, talk fast and etc. Sometimes when I knew that we have to go out the next day, I will try to pre-pack what I need to bring out so that I will minimize the chances of forgetting to bring something. Maybe u might find me quite an impatient person but you have to understand time is never enough for working mothers like us.

T = Technology & Time
I rely heavily on Google calendar & Note (android app) on my android mobile phone everyday. Without reminders and schedules, I think its very difficult for me to plan and organise my life. 

I don't put very strict restriction on how long my children are exposed gadgets everyday *guilty* as long as they have finished their homework, revisions or readings. Sometimes children need their "way" to release their stress and learn about the new technology to keep up with the times too. When they are studying or playing with each other, it sort of gives me some rest time too.

I will try to find time to communicate with my children whenever we are travelling in the car, resting at home or even doing "business" in the toilet. Trying not to neglect any of my child is very important to me so that none of them will feel left out.

W = Well Balanced
Trying to set a balance between work & family is a constant reminder to myself. When I knock off from work, I try not to bring any work problem or unhappiness home. Although I do not have the luxury to have a lot of me-time or meet up with friends, I try to relax myself by doing things I like such as watching drama series or online shopping. Occasionally will sneak go out with hb for a movie date when children are in their lala-land.

M = Manage
It doesn't matter if I'm micro or macro managing in the household. Delegating tasks to children if they know how to handle by themselves, for example bathing or keep their things neatly. The elder kids can take turn to babysit the youngest kid. I have also learnt to let go and engaged a full-time helper to do all the house chores for me so that I can spend more time interacting with my kids. More importantly, if anything that is related to my children's well being or safety, I felt much safer to leave them in my mother's care or someone whom you can trust for sure.

At the end of the day, I can't say that my methods are the best and applicable to every working mothers because our situations are different. When everything doesn't seem to fall in place, just "Keep Calm & Listen To Your Heart". I'm sure you will be able to find the best solution to manage your life as a FTWM.

A Peek into the After Work Hours of a FTWM

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  1. Interesting F.T.W.M tips! :) I rely on my elder kids to babysit my youngest at times too. I really appreciate their energy and help to keep pace with the baby. I agree that we have to have couple time to recharge our well-being. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great FTWM tips! Totally agree with you on not bringing work problem home, leave it in office!

  3. You sounds very practical to me, I think it is needed to stay sane! And I love these posts :)

  4. Agree.. everything also must learn to be more efficient. Not because we smart but because no choice! Haha

  5. Nice post! You are great handling 3 of them, and primary school going ones too!