Monday, September 15, 2014

A Cool 9th Birthday Celebration For YS

We did not organise a grand birthday party for the boy, he was still very happy at the end of the day as we gave him a little "surprise" and he was ecstatic. 

Their grandma prepared red eggs and red packet for the birthday boy. We tried to keep the secret until I finished work during the weekend afternoon. The children tried skating at the MBS a couple of times but when I told them I was bringing them to Jurong, they have no idea where they were going in the end. Of course, they were so excited when they saw the ice-skating rink at Jcube.

Although it was not the first time the 2 older kids had skating experience, it was the 1st time for Junior YS.

We rented 1 seal and 2 penguins so that they were able to skate freely without much help from us.

I also tried to skate and luckily I did not break any of my bones. All I could say was it was a very good exercise for me, my legs were aching like mad :P

As the boy requested for a fruit cake this year, we managed to get a cake from one of the cake shops located at Jcube.

It was definitely an super cool birthday celebration for my young boy :)

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