Friday, September 26, 2014

Save Money, Spent Money

As a mother, I keep emphasizing to them that "SAVINGS" is very important. Not only we need to save for rainy days, the money will come in handy when you need to utilise it for other purpose.

Trying to amuse me at times, my children will come and tell me that they can use the money during "rainy days" which means that they can use the money when the sky rains, lols! Well...they are just trying their luck to see if they can use their savings to buy unnecessary things.

When the eldest started Primary school 3 years ago, I restricted him from buying anything from the bookshop. He had to get my permission if he needed to buy anything from the bookshop. As time passed, it became a habit for him and gradually his sister who started Primary school this year also did the same. Of course they will tend to complain why their friends can buy whatever they want and why they can't. I always tell them to differentiate between their needs & wants and no use comparing because it will be a never ending process. Gradually, they start to understand and seldom compare and grumble.

Both older kids started using their savings for the first time to buy something for themselves happened a few months ago. They were complaining the water guns I bought for them spoiled so easily (cheap mah! of course I was not very keen to spend too much money on a good quality water gun, haha!). They complained to their father and wanted to buy Nerf water guns instead. In the end, hb told them to use their own savings if that's the case.

As the older kids' current scooters were kinda small and most of the parts have turned rusty. They started to complain and requested for new replacements. They were very smart coz they knew I loved to order things online that are reasonably priced. They asked me to check if there's any good deals online and asked me to order scooters for them using their own money. As usual, they sought permission from their dearest papa and so their wishes were granted. 

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