Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Our 1st Classical Ballet Appreciation Concert

As a young girl, I had so many dreams to be "somebody" while growing up. I ever wished I was one of the dancers who could dance gracefully like a swan (okay...maybe I should not elaborate more before anyone puke). I did ever try to ask the ballet teacher who was conducting lesson once whether I was allowed to join the class (I was Primary 2 at that time). I was rejected because I was told that ballet should start from young...blah blah blah! So...the rest was history.

20 over years later, I signed YQ up for ballet lesson for fun when she was in Nursery and it seems like she is starting to show more interest in her weekly lesson and every once in a while I will see her practising her moves at home or in the office. I was beaming with pride because somehow my little girl is displaying some interest in something she loves.

Whenever she sees any advertisement on ballet performances, she will ask me to bring her to watch these performances. Obviously, tickets are not as cheap as I am expecting so I am waiting for the right moment to bring her to watch a suitable performance. Luckily I saw that Esplanade was promoting the Classical Ballet Performance for children and tickets were quite reasonable priced. She was so happy when I told her that I was bringing her along with me to watch the performance. She told me she really enjoyed the show and even recap to me what she learnt from the performance.

Next time, maybe I should try to bring her to watch a real ballet performance :)

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