Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Update on Junior YS (Last Term of 2014)

Its been a while since the last update about Junior YS. Time flies and he has been attending the childcare centre for more than 2 years. He has shown big improvements in his academic and character developments.

Personally I felt that teachers play a very important role in nurturing children's interests in certain aspects. I remembered 6 months ago, he was still very uninterested during the Chinese lesson and I was quite worried for him. After the Chinese teacher "resigned" due to some reason, I felt super relieved (I think god must have heard my prayer :P). When the new teacher came, Junior YS told me that he enjoyed the Chinese lesson very much.

When I met both teachers during the Parent-Teacher meeting, they were full of praise for him and I felt that most of the credits have to go to his teachers (who teach with love & patience). I can see why my boy is enjoying his lessons in the school now. 

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