Saturday, January 24, 2015

Things that Jnr YS says...

Among the 3 kids, Jnr YS is considered the funniest and most dramatic child in our house. Very often, he would surprise me with very interesting answers.  

~Naptime Talk~
I knew how grouchy he can be when he is feeling tired.

Me: It's time to take your nap
Junior YS: No! I'm not tired and my eyes are still very BIG! (forcing his eyes to look bigger than usual)

~Talking about Marriage~
He loves to shower me with kisses everyday, sometimes on my lips or on my tummy. He would give me a mega big smile after that and says "I love you Mummy!".

Me: You know you can't anyhow kiss other girls except your Mummy, Ah Ma, Jie Jie, Kor Kor and Pa Pa.
Junior YS: Why?
Me: You can only kiss the girl you want to marry.
Junior YS: Mummy, I want you to marry me.
Me: I can't, I'm married to your Pa Pa.
Junior YS: Huh? But why? I want you to marry me...*started to cry*
Me: Because you are my son and I am your mummy, that is why mother and son cannot marry each other.

~Drinking Alcohol~
Junior YS learnt about drink driving from the school and started to tell Pa Pa about it...

Junior YS: Do you know that drinking alcohol is bad?
Papa: Yes...
Junior YS: Drinking alcohol and beer will make you feel funny...
Papa: How did you know?
Junior YS: Teacher told me about it and it's very dangerous to drink and drive.

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