Thursday, February 5, 2015

Current Favourite Products #1

Chinese New Year is coming and as a woman, its natural for us trying to look pretty and presentable during this festive season or even on normal days (due to work). Currently, I have 3 favourite products which I am using currently and decided to share with ladies who constantly on the look out for great products that can make us look good :)

I use foundation very often to cover my flaws on the face and this product made my face look natural and not too cakey. I purposely bought a green tone to help neutralise the redness on my face so that I can have a better coverage to cover all red spots on my face.
Naturactor Cover Face Foundation

One of the things that often bother me is blackheads and I can't seem to be able to find a product that can remove effectively. I happened to see my friend (who is doing online business) selling this product and when I saw a picture of blackheads being removed from her nose on her FB, I felt super shiok! Haha...call me insane but this was how I felt at that moment. Eventually I bought this set of product from her and I'm blown away by the result.
Skin Intelligence Facial Firming Masque
Skin Intelligence pH Skin Normalizer

This moituriser mask looks like jelly substance and it helps to replenish and moisturise my face pretty well. It is slightly rose scented and feels so cool when applied on my face. I would normally use this mask 2-3 times a week and my face will not feel so dry and flaky anymore.
Eileen Grace Perfectly Moisturize Rose Jelly Mask

Next time, I will introduce again in my blog if I come across any good and nice products!

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