Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sony Creative Toys Submission

Every year, the kids will bring back a form from the school. It's actually the Sony Creative Toy Competition organised annually by the Science Centre Singapore and the Sony Group of Companies in Singapore Pte Ltd with the support of MOE & A*STAR.

This year, the kids decided to brainstorm for some ideas (of course with some help from us) and here were their works:

YQ named this game "Amazed", its actually a maze created out from coloured ice-cream sticks. There are 2 parts with identical maze route so that 2 players can compete with each other using the magnetic force to move the object from the beginning to the end. 

Probably it was a very common idea/game, she only managed to be shortlisted to present her toy in front of the judges in the school hall and eventually got booted out. Of course, we told her to take it as an experience and come up with a better idea to design another toy next year.

YS named this toy "Air Force" as this toy was using the concept of pneumatic method to move the fighter jet slowly along the tracks made from ice-cream sticks. It used compressed air from the big syringes, forced the air through the air tubing and transferred the air to other syringes attached to it.

Lucky for YS, he managed to be shortlisted by the school to participate in the Sony Creative Toys Competition which is going to take place at Science Centre. I'm sure it will be a very good experience for him. Good luck to my boy!


  1. Well done! Creativity starts young, and I like both!

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